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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive:

(1) Will the App work on my device?

Our iOS magazine Apps are designed to work on iPad and iPhone devices running iOS 7.0 and above.

(2) How do I download the App for my subscription?

• Open the App Store and search for the publication name followed by the word 'magazine' or ‘newspaper’ i.e. "Pilot magazine" or “Sidmouth Herald newspaper”.
• Download the free App to your device.
• Once installed, open the App and tap the 'Subscriptions' button. Login using your account number and surname.
• You'll now be able to access all available editions within the App.

(3) How do I access previous issues?

To access previous issues, simply select the issue you wish to view from the homescreen of the app. Here you'll be able to access any of the 50 most recent editions of the publication. If you cannot see the archived editions, please tap the 'Home' button in the bottom menu to return to the homescreen.

(4) How do I zoom in?

• You can zoom in by double tapping the screen or pinch and zoom by putting your thumb and index finger on the screen and stretch them apart to zoom in and pinch them together to zoom out again.
• Alternatively, hold your device in landscape orientation and tap the double/single page toggle button (the rectangular icon with a vertical line down the middle, located in the left of the top menu bar) to switch into single page 'Reading Mode'. This pre-zoomed view is perfect for reading text and allows you to easily swipe down the page as you read.

(5) How do I view editions when I am not connected to the internet?

You can download editions to your device when you are online and save them to view when you are offline – please follow the instructions below regarding how to download an edition.

(6) How do I download an edition?

• When viewing an edition, the edition will download automatically in the background and you will see a progress bar at the top of the screen to show you when the download has completed.
• Alternatively, on the homescreen, tap the download button below the edition you wish to download.
• Once downloaded, your editions can be found in the 'Downloads' section by tapping the 'Downloads' button.

(7) How much storage space will the App take up on my device?

The App itself is around 20-25mb. Each time you view an edition the App will download pages to your device to speed up page loading times. This will take up additional storage. Should you wish to clear this space you can do so by deleting downloaded editions.
• To delete editions from the app, tap the Downloads button to load the Downloads window. Then tap the delete button below the edition you wish to delete.
• To clear all downloaded editions and data, tap the Settings button and select 'Storage'. Then tap the ‘Clear stored application data’ button.
• This will clear all previously downloaded data from the app and significantly reduce the amount of storage space being utilised.

(8) How do I delete downloaded editions?

• Tap the 'Downloads' button to go to the 'Downloads' section.
• Tap the 'Delete' button under the edition you wish to delete.

(9) The App is not responding, how do I resolve this?

• Exit the App by pressing the Home button on your device (circular button on the front of the device).
• Double tap the Home button to open up the list of running Apps.
• Locate the App and swipe to close.
• Return to the home screen by tapping the 'Home' button.
• Now open the App up again and the problem should have been resolved.

If the problem persists, please try the following;
• Open the App and tap the settings button.
• Tap the 'Storage' option and then tap the ‘Clear stored application data’ button.

If the problem still persists there may have been a problem during the installation of the App. In this case, please try deleting the App from your device and reinstalling from the App Store.

If there's anything not mentioned above that you'd like more assistance with please don't hesitate to get in touch

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