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Frequently Asked Questions about digital subscriptions

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive about digital subscriptions:

(1) How do I access my digital subscription?

To access your digital magazine subscription visit www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/login, select your magazine from the drop down list and enter your login details.

To access your digital newspaper subscription visit www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/access, select your newspaper from the drop down list and enter your login details.

(2) Which devices can I access my subscription on?

Our digital subscriptions are designed to work on the majority of computers, laptops and mobile devices. We utilise a mobile friendly web reader for our editions, allowing access across a wide range of devices. We also offer dedicated magazine apps for Apple and Android devices.

(3) How many devices can I access my subscription on?

You will be able to access your subscription on up to four different devices during your subscription period. If you need to reset your devices after reaching this limit, please get in touch.

(4) Can I purchase a corporate subscription?

Yes, we offer custom corporate subscription packages if you wish to purchase access for multiple users within your business/organisation. Please get in touch for further information or a quote.

(5) How do I access my subscription on a mobile device?

If you have an Android or Apple device you can download our free app from the App Store and login by tapping an edition cover then tapping the Log In button and entering your login details. Simply search for the publication name on the App Store to locate the app.
If you do not have an Android or Apple device you can still access your digital subscription on your mobile device using your web browser. Simply visit www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/login (for magazines) or www.subscriptionsave.co.uk/access (for papers) and login using your surname and account number.

(6) When are new issues published?

New issues are released at the same time as the issue goes on sale in the shops.

(7) How do I access previous issues?

When viewing via the web browser
Click the 'Archive' button found in the top navigation bar when viewing an edition and this will open up to display all the previous issues available to view. To open an edition, simply click on the cover image of the edition you wish to view.

When viewing within the app
You will find the latest 100 issues available to view on the main home screen of the app. Simply tap the edition you wish to view to open this.

(8) How do I view editions when I am not connected to the internet?

You can download editions to your device when you are online and save them to view when you are offline – please follow the instructions below regarding how to download an edition.

(9) How do I download an edition?

When viewing via the web browser
• Click the 'Download PDFs' icon (rectangle with a down facing arrow) found in the top-right of the screen.
• Select which pages you wish to download. To download the full edition please click/tap 'Select All'.
• Once you hit the download button a PDF request window will open and your pdf file will be created; this can take a few minutes.
• Once complete, follow the instructions to save the file to your computer.

When viewing within the app
• Simply tap the Download button below the edition you wish to download. You do not need to download an edition prior to reading. You can read editions straight away by tapping the cover image of the edition you wish to read.

(10) Editions aren't loading, what could be causing this?

When viewing on a desktop computer or laptop
The most common cause of editions not loading is a web browser not being compatible with our HTML5 format. In this case, please try updating your web browser to the latest version or trying an alternative browser.

When viewing on a mobile device – smartphone or tablet
If editions are not loading on your mobile device, please check that your device is compatible with HTML5 web browsing – as our mobile optimised editions are presented in HTML5.

(11) I am using the App and it is not responding, how do I resolve this?

• Exit the App by pressing the Home button on your device
• Open up the list of running Apps (Tap the square button on Android devices – Double tap home button on Apple devices)
• Locate the App and swipe to close.
• Return to the home screen by tapping the 'Home' button.
• Now open the App up again and the problem should have been resolved.

If the problem persists, please try the following;
• Open the App and tap the settings button.
• Select App Settings and then tap Data Usage and Clear Cache.
• If the problem still persists there may have been a problem during the installation of the App. In this case, please try deleting the App from your device and reinstalling from the App Store.

If there's anything not mentioned above that you'd like more assistance with please don't hesitate to get in touch

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