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Make Money - Join our magazine affiliate program

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

If you have a website, newsletter or other means of promotion, you can help us promote our products and be guaranteed a generous commission on all sales you help generate.

About Us

SubscriptionSave.co.uk is owned and run by Archant Ltd. Archant is the UK's largest independently-owned regional media business. It is a community media company active in the fields of regional newspaper and magazine publishing, contract printing and internet communications. All its titles serve clearly defined communities, based around locations or interest groups.

Why should I join?

We have partnered with Afflilate Window and can offer a program with solid commissions, real time stats, third-party tracking, unique discounts and products that can't be found cheaper anywhere on the internet. We publish all the magazines and books on this site so we are providing you the best offers around. We have dedicated staff working with Affliate Window in order to help you to maximise your sales through maintaining good selection of up to date creative and offers to promote sucessful campaigns.

How much can I make?

Exactly how much money you will make will depend on how many visitors you get to your web site and how much interest our products are to your visitors. As our magazines are on a veriety of subject matter you should find creative that fit your site well, thus increasing your chance of commission.

Getting Started

It's easy and free to get started! Just follow the simple steps below and start earning money.

1. Complete and submit the affiliate application for our program on Affiliate Window.
2. Use our banners, XML feed or links within your website or blog that link to SubscriptionSave.co.uk through a unique ID.
3. When a potential customer clicks on that banner or link, it takes them through our affiliate system on the way to our site.
4. We put a temporary cookie in their browser that expires after a 30 day period.
5. Then, if the customer purchases a product, the information from the cookie is sent to us and you get paid. So, once you have a link on your site, your job is pretty much finished. Everything about your affiliate link is tracked automatically through our affiliate system.


(1) How does an affiliate program work?

An affiliate program is a cost effective and low-maintenance way to make money from your website or blog. Most likely, you already have links to other websites on your web page. Put a ImHosted.com affiliate link on your website and you will earn money each time someone clicks on the link and and purchases a product from us.

(2) How much does it cost to be an affiliate?

Absolutely nothing. It is free to be an affiliate and there is no hidden cost.

(3) How and when do I get paid and who handles my payment?

After you join our 3rd party affiliate partner as an affiliate, they will pay you affiliate earnings every 20-30 days. All our affiliate sales are handled by Affiliate Window.

(4) How are sales tracked?

Sales are tracked using cookies that expire after 30 days. A cookie is a tiny text file that tracks which affiliate sent the customer and what type of link they used. It does NOT record email addresses or any other personal information.

(5) Can I collect customer orders myself, and then send you the details?

No, you must link from your site to our site. Customers must enter their own information.

(6) Do you have an XML feed I could use?

Yes, when you join and login to Affiliate Window you can find our product feed.

(7) Can I use unsolicited e-mail (spam) to promote this affiliate program?

No, unsolicited e-mail is a serious violation of our Terms and Conditions, and will result in your account being terminated. Do not send e-mail to people you do not personally know, or who have not specifically opted-in to receiving messages from you.

(8) I'm already an Affiliate Window affiliate, how do I join?

Go to Affiliate Window to access your account and search for Subscription Save and join our program.

(9) Can I refer myself and earn commission?

No, if you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to buy for your own personal gain, you will not receive your commission. It is against the terms to refer yourself.

(10) How can I track the success of my affiliate program?

Within Affiliate Window your account activity such as the number of click-thu's, conversions, commissions and account status can be viewed in real-time through the affiliate program summary and the in-depth stats area of your account. Simply log in to your affiliate control panel to view this information.

(11) What about customers who have their cookies disabled?

In the highly unlikely situation that a customer has cookies disabled, the customer and sales cannot be tracked.

(12) Do you provide the links and banners?

Yes, we provide a wide selection of links and banners in different sizes that promote each publication as well as general creative. We also provide text links for you to use throughout your website or blog. All our latest banners and promotions are available for you when you sign up.

(13) Can I refer myself / join as an affiliate before I signup for hosting?

No, if you join our affiliate program and use the affiliate link to sign up for your own personal account, you will not receive your commission. It is against the terms to self refer yourself.

If there's anything not mentioned above that you'd like more assistance with please don't hesitate to get in touch

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